Are You Hiring?

The Future Career Academy (FCA) is the perfect solution for Tampa Bay’s growing companies that are struggling with workforce issues. By strategically partnering schools with the business community, we are helping deliver a competent, available and local workforce for growing businesses while also providing students not attending college with a clear and direct path to a career and a successful future right in their community.

The Future Career Academy is proud to partner with some of the Tampa Bay area’s most respected businesses that are committed to preparing graduating seniors for their first job with an eye on creating a successful career path.

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Are You Hiring?

Throughout the school year, students participate in a variety of activities and events to give your business visibility, including:

Curriculum in the Classroom: Students learn about businesses and industries in their community, including entry-level jobs and career growth.

Business Panels in October - November: Students are introduced to businesses through a panel discussion at their schools. Featured businesses are invited to participate in an exclusive panel discussion where they have the opportunity to introduce themselves to graduating seniors as they prepare for the workforce after graduation.

Business Tours Days in January - February: Students have the opportunity to visit multiple businesses in their community to meet owners and employees, learn about the industry, business operations and entry-level jobs and career growth, and get a feel for the culture.

Future Fair Hiring Events in April: Students have prepared all year for the opportunity to meet with company leaders and representatives to learn about and apply for entry-level positions.

Signing Days in May: Students who have found a job or who are starting a certification program or an apprenticeship along with their new employer or school/program will be featured in a ceremony similar to an athletic signing event with press, and much fanfare.  These are definitely reasons to celebrate!

Students are ready to start their careers in our community. 
We’re looking for local businesses who are ready to hire their future workforce.